Facebook group makes attempt at social engineering

“FIND OUT WHO VIEWED YOUR PROFILE!” promises a particular Facebook group containing almost 45,000 members at the time of this post. Or, so they’d like you to think! I mean, who wouldn’t want to know which of their friends dropped by their profile, photos, or other items for a short (or perhaps not-so-short) visit? I’ll admit, I was even interested for a couple minutes. Given the chance to find out if he or she’s been staring at your profile pic for hours on end has got to be enticing. Anyone could fall for it…

Okay, stop! Back to reality. Here’s five reasons you shouldn’t join any groups or click any links promising the latest in Facebook (or other) spying or tracking technology. (and no, if you were wondering, I didn’t even have to think to come up with these!)

1. It’s a serious breach of privacy. (kinda like spying on your friends. you’re not allowed to follow them around town even if you’ve known them since you were two!)
2. It’s a group or an external website. (the only way this could work is if it were a Facebook application, you and all of your friends added it, and the Facebook admins allowed it through check. fat chance!)
3. Everyone’s telling you to join. (they just wanna know if it works or not. since you (now) already know it doesn’t, turn and run the other way. quickly.)
4. There aren’t 100 million members of the group. (if this type of tracking were possible, don’t you think all of Facebook would be on it already? come on!)
5. It sounds too good to be true. (then it probably is! don’t you ever listen to your mom??)

Okay, some of those are, of course, more obvious than others. The point here is: think before you click! So do us all a favor, watch out for those messages, invites, and emails that promise crazy awesome things, and help the world become a better place by clicking Delete.

This public service announcement brought to you by an annoyed Facebook user…

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