Facebook's new "Live Feed" highly ineffective

In the past month, yet another change effected by popular social networking site Facebook has proven to be largely ineffective. The idea of being able to catch up on updates and happenings from friends by postponing the main feed updates until you’ve had time to sort through them is a good idea–in theory. Facebook presents users with a screen of updates that they wouldn’t have seen yet and holds new updates in a sort-of “queue” denoted by the link “Live Feed.”

If you only have a few friends (maybe fewer than 100 or so), this new mechanism probably works as intended…unless you simply never log in to Facebook on at least a semi-regular basis. But if you have multitudes of friends–the average being around 350 or so–being away for even a few hours can allow hundreds of updates to queue, all ready to inundate you upon returning. Are you going to read all of those updates? Doubtful. In fact, you’ll probably not even make it through 100 or even 50 of them! Most people simply just do not have the time, patience, or attention span required to deal with all of that information.

My question is this: if nobody takes the time to read the updates, why queue them at all? It’s just another “click” in getting through the routine. A needless click.

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