Confirmed: Official Starbucks Android app in the works!

With the report Monday showing that Android-powered devices have taken over the iPhone as the #2 smartphone in the United States, you’d think most major companies that initially developed applications for the iPhone would have completed Android-compatible apps as well! Starbucks’s mobile apps have been some of the mysteriously missing major apps from the Android Market.

Not for long.

This evening, a tweet was posted by the Starbucks twitter account noting that the iPhone app had just been updated. Several people then responded by asking why there was no similar application for other platforms (one of which is Android). Well, in response to that question, Starbucks responded “We’re working on apps for all platforms.” in this tweet. So, while there’s no official release date, we can rest assured that an official Starbucks app is coming for the platform of your liking!

Which app are you waiting for on your favorite platform?

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  • Gillian Spence

    I found it really surprising that a major company like Starbucks didn’t have an Android app; it was one of the first ones I downloaded when I was an iPhone 4 user. Get with the times S’bucks!

  • Exactly! I think maybe we should just start a public petition to get Starbucks to go ahead and release the Android version!

    It’s pretty ridiculous.

  • Well I got tired of waiting on them so I made by own starbucks mobile pay app. Search the market for “starbucks card widget”. Even if they do finally release a version for android it will probably be the same unusable thing they put out for iphone and blackberry, but here’s to hoping they can make better use of android.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up! I found your app and have begun using it. If I get time, I’ll see about doing a review/recommendation and posting it on the blog. I guess users have to take things into their own hands when corporations won’t give them what they want!