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Windows 8: Initial Thoughts

After watching a very nice (and quite exciting) presentation of Windows 8 at Microsoft’s BUILD conference yesterday, I anxiously awaited the Developer Preview releases on the main Windows Developer site. After going live on Tuesday evening, I downloaded a 64-bit

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Verizon’s Usage-based Data Plans: Bad for Consumers

Verizon is doing several things that won’t immediately affect current subscribers, but that may affect subscription renewals down the road and will definitely impact all new smartphone purchasers who aren’t already attached to a smartphone data plan. No matter how I look at these items, I can’t figure out even one single way that consumers will be impacted positively. Don’t believe what Verizon tells you. This isn’t at all good!

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Computing.Next: Google IO and WWDC

I’ve refrained from posting my thoughts on Google IO, which took place last month, because I felt it would be better to wait and see what came out of Apple WWDC. The two companies have been fierce competitors in the

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NFC: The Wave of the Future (hopefully)

Today, you carry a credit card. Tomorrow, you’ll just need your smartphone.

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Why Android Attracts Malware

The past week has drawn many articles describing the latest security vulnerabilities and malware outbreaks on Android, leading some to conclude that the mobile platform is indeed the new “Wild West” of the digital age. Others state things more simply:

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