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NFC: The Wave of the Future (hopefully)

Today, you carry a credit card. Tomorrow, you’ll just need your smartphone.

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Why Android Attracts Malware

The past week has drawn many articles describing the latest security vulnerabilities and malware outbreaks on Android, leading some to conclude that the mobile platform is indeed the new “Wild West” of the digital age. Others state things more simply:

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Repeating the 90s. Android > iOS

If you’ve been paying attention to my Twitter account over the past year or perhaps just engaged me in a conversation on the subject, you’d know by now that I’ve been predicting (even back in 2009) that Android would quickly

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Tablets are Dead

Tablets. Who knew that they would do so well (relatively speaking) after failing (at least in the mainstream marketplace) miserably so many times before? Both Apple and Samsung will have shipped several million units by the end of 2010, and

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The Future of Openness: Verizon 4G

On November 15th, Verizon Wireless will launch the United States’ first nationwide 4G network. Not only is this new network faster than anything else out there, it’ll be much more robust than ever before! Without going into a ton of

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