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Installing / upgrading IBM Notes 9.0.x and Sametime 9.0.x on Ubuntu x64

I often like to live on the bleeding edge, which gets me in trouble on occasion. Unfortunately, this is common when attempting to upgrade the IBM Notes / Sametime clients on my Ubuntu 12.04 x64 workstation. These applications are not

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Computing.Next: Google IO and WWDC

I’ve refrained from posting my thoughts on Google IO, which took place last month, because I felt it would be better to wait and see what came out of Apple WWDC. The two companies have been fierce competitors in the

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NFC: The Wave of the Future (hopefully)

Today, you carry a credit card. Tomorrow, you’ll just need your smartphone.

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On the Quality Control of Open Source

I love open source software. I mean, how cool is it that an individual person or a group of like-passioned people are able to write and publish software for worldwide public consumption? Oft times this software is simply given away

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The Case for Flash

I’ve often been a critic of Adobe’s Flash platform. It’s been used (quite annoyingly) for advertisements and full website “experiences.” As video began to proliferate the Internet, Flash became the defacto standard, even though the implementation was buggy and hacked-together

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