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Windows 8: Initial Thoughts

After watching a very nice (and quite exciting) presentation of Windows 8 at Microsoft’s BUILD conference yesterday, I anxiously awaited the Developer Preview releases on the main Windows Developer site. After going live on Tuesday evening, I downloaded a 64-bit

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How Today’s Press Writes News Articles

I am upset. No, rather–I’m ticked! Pretty much beyond words, but I’ll attempt to describe this continuing phenomenon anyway. Here’s the problem, in brief: Analyst (sometimes “reputable” and sometimes a nobody) or “random employee at company X” makes a statement

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Clean up that Oil Spill!!

The current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has gone on long enough. I say it’s time to do something about it and thankfully, Darth Vader heartily agrees. I thank him very much for publishing what is probably the

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Confirmed: Official Starbucks Android app in the works!

With the report Monday showing that Android-powered devices have taken over the iPhone as the #2 smartphone in the United States, you’d think most major companies that initially developed applications for the iPhone would have completed Android-compatible apps as well!

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Innovation is hard!

Close your eyes. Picture yourself as the person who created the next big thing. Your face is pictured next to the top story on The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, in addition to every other major

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