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Finances 101: Debit, Credit, and Financial Management

Here’s a question you might not have considered: “Do you use or even carry a debit card?” If the answer is “yes”, then by all means keep reading. (Of course, keep reading anyway, even if you answered “no.” You just

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Android vs. iPhone

I just got my first Android-powered smartphone last week and have been transitioning my life away from my Palm Centro and iPod Touch–the two devices that kept track of my music, calendar, contacts, email, and so on. Yes, the Centro

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Can Windows Mobile Survive 2010?

I’ve almost never been a fan of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. I’ve rarely defended it, been quick to judge it, and in recent years have been largely unimpressed. Just like you, most likely. I’ve been a Palm user since the

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No, the iPad won't cook your breakfast!

There are people in this world who tend to get hostile whenever I talk about an Apple product in a negative way. They call it “Apple Bashing.” Apparently they haven’t yet realized that I’m entitled to my own opinion and

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Let It Snow?

We’re getting buckets of snow dumped on us here in Pittsburgh. Enough to ruin all the weekend’s plans and then some! Here’s a couple quick snapshots I took without going all the way out in the mess. I won’t promise

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