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Stop spam. Get Demailed.

I’m proud to announce the launch of a brand-new product! It’s called Demailed. With the number of companies growing daily that request your personal information, giving away your email address is often the price of signing up for a new product

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Google and h.264. Hypocrisy? Hardly.

For all of the people out there claiming that Google just wanted to make a “big announcement” on “Verizon iPhone day,” it sure has created quite the buzz. I sincerely doubt that was their mission, but if somehow it was,

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Adobe Flash: A Second Look

I wrote an article a few months ago regarding the future of Adobe’s Flash vs. HTML5. Certainly a global comparison of the two is a flawed approach since there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides. The side that boycotts

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The Case for Flash

I’ve often been a critic of Adobe’s Flash platform. It’s been used (quite annoyingly) for advertisements and full website “experiences.” As video began to proliferate the Internet, Flash became the defacto standard, even though the implementation was buggy and hacked-together

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Quicktime better than Flash?

Somehow I can just hear Steve Jobs saying something along the lines of: If it supports or uses Flash, they blew it. The CEO of Apple is notorious for condemning other companies’ implementations of various technologies and his recent comments

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