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Google Buzz, Privacy, and Copyrights

There’s quite a bit of controversy going around on the Internet these days regarding Google’s newly launched social “conversation” and aggregator dubbed “Buzz.” The biggest issue I see people raise is that of privacy, especially when Google was auto-following people

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Facebook's Email Project

The social media rumor mills have been abuzz with speculation on a soon-to-be released replacement for the built-in Facebook messenger functionality–namely a full blown email service. This isn’t terribly surprising news, is a pretty logical next step for the 6-year

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An open letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

It’s been a little over four years since I joined Facebook in the fall of 2005, shortly after beginning college. Facebook had just opened it’s doors to the general public after being exclusivly available only to those having .edu email

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Facebook's new "Live Feed" highly ineffective

In the past month, yet another change effected by popular social networking site Facebook has proven to be largely ineffective. The idea of being able to catch up on updates and happenings from friends by postponing the main feed updates

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The Collapse of Facebook

When a builder sets out to construct a skyscraper, he does not simply bulldoze the land, dig some holes, and start building. He relies on architects, structural engineers, designers, and artists to provide him a complete set of blueprints. Ones

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