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The Best Antivirus Protection: Common Sense

It’s been said that a little common sense goes a long way. I’d tend to agree, especially where your computer is concerned. For years, most Windows-based computers have shipped with some sort of antivirus software preloaded–usually a 60 day trial

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Facebook and Facial Recognition: An Obvious Marriage?

The science of recognizing a face and the intelligence to recognize the same one twice. Or a million times. That’s one of 2009’s crowning technological achievements. Oh, sure, there have been facial recognition algorithms around for years, but up until

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Facebook usernames: who needs them?

It seems that with every new feature addition to Facebook there are as many naysayers and unhappy customers as there are proponents of the changes. From time to time I’ve written entries here supporting some changes to the site; other

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Simple formatting in Facebook chat

While perhaps obvious to some, there are a couple commands you can use to add simple font formatting to the messages you send via Facebook chat. While there’s nothing fancy just yet, I suspect the platform will slowly evolve to

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Facebook: being like everyone else isn't always cool

Maybe all the bad publicity is overstated, but since nearly 2 million Facebook users have stated their displeasure at the site’s recent redesign, I think perhaps something’s amiss. In the summer of 2008 Facebook spent quite a while working on

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