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Quicktime better than Flash?

Somehow I can just hear Steve Jobs saying something along the lines of: If it supports or uses Flash, they blew it. The CEO of Apple is notorious for condemning other companies’ implementations of various technologies and his recent comments

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Apple + iPad = Zero Steps Forward, Multiple Steps Back

The world of computing has come a very long way since the ’90s. We’ve gone from extraordinarily closed and proprietary systems (where you had to buy RAM from your machine’s manufacturer in order to ensure compatibility) to largely open and

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Android vs. iPhone

I just got my first Android-powered smartphone last week and have been transitioning my life away from my Palm Centro and iPod Touch–the two devices that kept track of my music, calendar, contacts, email, and so on. Yes, the Centro

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No, the iPad won't cook your breakfast!

There are people in this world who tend to get hostile whenever I talk about an Apple product in a negative way. They call it “Apple Bashing.” Apparently they haven’t yet realized that I’m entitled to my own opinion and

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"New World" Computing is a Lie

I clicked a link earlier today which led me to a blog (which, for now, will remain unnamed) in which the author began talking about personal computing, tech people, “regular” end-users, and the ultimate future of computing. I really don’t

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