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An open letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

It’s been a little over four years since I joined Facebook in the fall of 2005, shortly after beginning college. Facebook had just opened it’s doors to the general public after being exclusivly available only to those having .edu email

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The Collapse of Facebook

When a builder sets out to construct a skyscraper, he does not simply bulldoze the land, dig some holes, and start building. He relies on architects, structural engineers, designers, and artists to provide him a complete set of blueprints. Ones

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Facebook and Facial Recognition: An Obvious Marriage?

The science of recognizing a face and the intelligence to recognize the same one twice. Or a million times. That’s one of 2009’s crowning technological achievements. Oh, sure, there have been facial recognition algorithms around for years, but up until

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Simple formatting in Facebook chat

While perhaps obvious to some, there are a couple commands you can use to add simple font formatting to the messages you send via Facebook chat. While there’s nothing fancy just yet, I suspect the platform will slowly evolve to

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Facebook: being like everyone else isn't always cool

Maybe all the bad publicity is overstated, but since nearly 2 million Facebook users have stated their displeasure at the site’s recent redesign, I think perhaps something’s amiss. In the summer of 2008 Facebook spent quite a while working on

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