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Confirmed: Official Starbucks Android app in the works!

With the report Monday showing that Android-powered devices have taken over the iPhone as the #2 smartphone in the United States, you’d think most major companies that initially developed applications for the iPhone would have completed Android-compatible apps as well!

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Android vs. iPhone

I just got my first Android-powered smartphone last week and have been transitioning my life away from my Palm Centro and iPod Touch–the two devices that kept track of my music, calendar, contacts, email, and so on. Yes, the Centro

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Can Windows Mobile Survive 2010?

I’ve almost never been a fan of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. I’ve rarely defended it, been quick to judge it, and in recent years have been largely unimpressed. Just like you, most likely. I’ve been a Palm user since the

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2010: Year of the Smartphone

At long last, 2010 will most definitely be the year of the smartphone. No, really–I’m serious! I mean, sure–the experts thought 2009 would be “the year” and maybe it was a little. But it wasn’t for me. And that’s what I’m

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Zune Phone becoming reality?

I’m in the market for a smartphone. My two-year contract on my Verizon plan is up in June or July ’09 and although I’m not necessarily in a hurry to get rid of my current phone (the LG Chocolate 2),

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