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Computing.Next: Google IO and WWDC

I’ve refrained from posting my thoughts on Google IO, which took place last month, because I felt it would be better to wait and see what came out of Apple WWDC. The two companies have been fierce competitors in the

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An end to the Apple App Store

The company Apple, lauded and applauded for it’s innovative devices and software has hit some bumps in the road as of late. Continued controversy surrounding it’s methods for approving and (seemingly more often than not) denying apps from showing up

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Music Everywhere: Lala.com

Ever thought it would be cool to have your entire music collection online? Or that Amazon.com and iTunes are either too clunky or too expensive? Enter my favorite online music service: Lala (http://www.lala.com). Lala gives you access to more than

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Macworld keynote = *shrug* (mostly)

It’s no secret that today’s keynote address by Apple’s Phil Schiller would be lower in excitement than previous years in which Steve Jobs took the spotlight, but that didn’t stop Apple fans around the globe from speculating on what new

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Apple's 6th-gen iPod not all it's cracked up to be

I’ve always wanted/needed a good solid digital media player (e.g. iPod, Zune, iRiver, etc) – a device that had a lot of storage capacity for the ever-growing media library, had solid performance, an intuitive interface, support for major standards, and

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