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Unintended consequences: App stores

These days, we obtain more and more of our software through curated app stores. It started en-masse with Apple back in 2008 and the model was quickly adopted by Google, RIM, and now Microsoft. In fact, with the launch of

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Quicktime better than Flash?

Somehow I can just hear Steve Jobs saying something along the lines of: If it supports or uses Flash, they blew it. The CEO of Apple is notorious for condemning other companies’ implementations of various technologies and his recent comments

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2010: Year of the Smartphone

At long last, 2010 will most definitely be the year of the smartphone. No, really–I’m serious! I mean, sure–the experts thought 2009 would be “the year” and maybe it was a little. But it wasn’t for me. And that’s what I’m

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European Union wants to kill innovation

Someone should fine the European Union for stifling worldwide innovation. No, really–I’m serious. In the decision handed down today to fine global silicon manufacturer Intel (INTC) the sum of $1.45 Billion, the EU essentially is forcing Intel to watch its

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Why the EU will not force MSFT to remove IE from Windows

It seems to be all over the news these days: companies are joining the fray left and right in the European Union’s investigation to determine whether Microsoft’s bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows violates anti-trust laws. Just this week Google

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