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How Citibank failed at mobile

Mobile apps have changed the way we live and work, providing quick access to information that affects our daily lives. We’ve become accustomed to having this information at our fingertips: maps showing us where to go, instant communication with friends and family, real-time updates for our favorite sports teams, and the list goes on.

One area that seems to lag behind in the mobile department is banking and finance. The mobile experiences from most major players in this arena are lackluster, hard to use, and downright frustrating. In fact, the only bright spots in an otherwise dim world of banking apps come from Simple and from financial management software like Mint and Check. These companies are definitely putting pressure on others to step up their mobile experiences, but until traditional banks begin to shed customers, it likely won’t be enough.

Citibank’s mobile app has languished for years as a steaming pile of fail. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the absolute worst banking app in the world. It was a combination of web views, confusing or hidden menus, hard-to-hit touch points, and some really shaky hardware tie-in to the camera for check deposits.

Basically, it looked like the 1990s took over your phone.

For years, I’d been begging Citi via Twitter, email, and the Google Play Store for a new app. So, when I finally received this email from Citi last week, I was sure that day had finally arrived…

I was wrong.

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